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An article and resources on the Paving the Way website by Professor Richard Hastings (University of Warwick):

"I am a researcher, so I am going to start this blog with some research findings. In 2014, Gemma Griffith (Bangor University) and I published a study where we summarised research studies from around the world in which family carers of children and adults with learning disabilities whose behaviour challenges were interviewed about their lives. Throughout the Western world, family carers talked clearly about the struggle of supporting a child or adult whose behaviour challenges. Perhaps the strongest message from the 391 family carers was that the biggest stress and area of frustration for them was the problem of accessing services for their relative that were personalised and where paid staff and professionals understood their family member.

Also from research, we know that behaviours that challenge often (although not always) emerge early in the lives of children with learning disabilities. Whenever behaviours that challenge first emerge, they typically persist for a long time – often for decades."