Postural Care


This eLearning package has been developed in order to help professionals, individuals and personal assistants to be aware of the basic principles of gentle, respectful and effective postural care.

Postural care is used to protect and restore body shape, muscle tone and quality of life.

This eLearning course will help the individual and their first circle of support to seek out the information, capacity and support they need to protect body shape.

It is assumed that users of this eLearning package will have or be able to access some general knowledge about the human body.


The Postural Care Course:

Introduction About Body Shape Protecting Body Shape


These first modules introduce the necessary terminology and concepts in order that the learner is able to consider this information in relation to individuals who have or are at risk of changes in body shape.

3 Modules Approx time to complete 20 minutes

1.1 Background and Principles

1.2 About Postures

1.3 About Reflexes and Movement

About Body Shape

These modules will help in understanding how and why the body changes shape over time and how the correct biomechanical forces can be applied to restore body shape. Knowing the patterns of distortion of the hips, pelvis and chest is central to the development of effective postural care.

4 Modules Approx time to complete 30 minutes

2.1: Why Protect Body Shape?

2.2: Goldsmith Indices of Body symmetry

2.3.1: How Does the Body Change Shape (part 1)

2.3.2: How Does the Body Change Shape (part 2)

Protecting Body Shape

These modules will introduce the Mansfield Checklist and Posture Analysis. The Mansfield Checklist is a quick and easy way of identifying whether you or a person you know needs to think about using postural care. Posture Analysis provides a simple tool that anyone can use to help them consider whether the changes they have made to a person’s positioning is indeed beneficial or not.

2 Modules Approx time to complete 15 minutes

3.1: The Mansfield Checklist

3.2: Posture Analysis

Sleep Body Temperature Person Centred Pathway


If postural care is to be effective the whole 24 hour period needs to be considered. These 3 modules cover the relationships between postural care and sleep, including complications such as sleep deprivation, the Gateway to Sleep and the need for a Safety Planning Checklist.

3 Modules Approx time to complete 20 minutes

4.1: The Gateway to Sleep

4.2: Possible Complications

4.3: Safety Planning Checklist

Body Temperature

A common difficulty experienced by people using supportive seating or lying products is a disruption of their temperature regulation. These modules consider how the body usually controls temperature and how this might be affected in a person with complex healthcare needs.

2 Modules Approx time to complete 15 minutes

5.1: Temperature Regulation

5.2: Possible Complications and Safety Planning Checklist

A Person Centred Pathway

The first module in this final section of the course looks at the Postural Care Pathway. ‘It’s my life’ was written to enable individuals, families and supporters to clearly identify where they are within a process and to help everyone understand what needs to happen next in order to move forwards. The course concludes with two case studies - Coleen and Tommy are both people for whom the provision of non-invasive, cost effective postural care has made an enormous difference.

3 Modules Approx time to complete 15 minutes

6.1: “It’s My Life!” Postural Care Pathway

6.2: Coleen’s Story

6.3: Tommy’s Story

Course Sample Screenshots:

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